We are delighted to report that Ginny hasn't lost her touch - her new restaurant in São Martinho do Porto serves the same excellent quality of food we had grown used to during her tenure at the Caravela in Foz do Arelho.


Portugal Holiday Restaurant Ginnys


We reported on the opening of the new premises HERE and she is making full use of her new facilities to prepare the same delicious food in much nicer and comfortable surroundings than she ever had available at Foz do Arelho.

I was particularly delighted to see that many of my old favorites have made it onto the new menu, particularly the Barbecue Ribs which are the best I have ever tried anywhere. They are still every bit as delicious as I remembered!

For me though the stars were always Ginny's amazing puddings, always head and shoulders above what you usually encounter in the average Portuguese restaurant. Although my old favourite Qui Lime Pie was already been finished by the time it came to order dessert the Lemon Meringue I settled for instead was also excellent.

I think the best surprise though was saved for last - the bill! For 3 people eating 3 courses each plus coffee and rather silly (ok, very silly) amounts of beer, wine, gin and vodkas, the bill didn't even reach €110 - bargain!

I guess I'll just have to return again in the near future for my Qui Lime pie!

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